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Dengue Survivor: Mrs. Emily Sollesta, A Mother Testifies How Her Daughter Survived Dengue

" I happen to read my own testimony online and I'm re-posting a copy of the gazette to share it with you !

It's been 5 years when my eldest daugther had to fight for her life after contracting dengue fever.
When you almost lose a child, you'll never forget that feeling...
This made me realized more, that I have a BIG GOD that can DO BIG MIRACLES!!!

This is the article i've written on this gazette... " re-posted last Sept 2, 2018. 

Mrs. Emily G. Sollesta, mother of dengue survivor who wrote the product review.

Below is a testimony of a loving mother who's been very thankful since her precious daughter survived such near-death situation. Read and feel the agony of a mother, scared and wanting to do everything just to save her daughter's life.  

-- DL7+1 Probiotics Testimonials on Dengue --

" For a mom, seeing her child deteriorating is a nightmare. Way back September 1, 2013, I had my eldest daughter Anne admitted at St Paul's Hospital on her 2nd day of just 38.5 - 38.8 fever (not even going up to 39) with a 385 platelet count upon admission. We just wanted her admitted for faster recovery of the fever, no doctor's request for admission. Thinking that if we have her stay at the hospital for a night or two, she can take some rest and get some medications so she will recover faster with the fever in preparation for their 3-day stage play at the WVSU Cultural Center. She was then a member of lloilo's prestigious cultural group. The lioilo Prima Galaw.

An actual post of the mother, Emily Sollesta.

We never suspected it was dengue 'coz it was a different strain, no rashes on her body until she was discharged. After 2 days of admission, everything seems so fast, she was transferred to the Pedia ICU. Four days in the ICU and laboratory results show no good. We saw her deteriorating — platelet level was dropping significantly to as tow as 10 counts, dramatic drop in blood pressure to as low as 40/20, variance in heart beat from normal to very low. Dengue was a near-death experience for her especially when it already caused her complications on her respiratory and urinary system and could lead to something worse.

On her 4th day in the ICU, I went to their Little Mermaid play... I know how she would have loved to be in that play. I went there, composed, told myself not to break down if someone ask of her.
The first person who approached me was my Upline in DLC... Mrs. Ellainne Hermie Losaria Pomida, she's like my daughter's second mom, I know she realty had great concern for my Anne since she is good friends with her daughter Elaisa and she often times sleeps over in their house.

The moment she asked me how Anne was, I was not able to control myself and just cried 'coz I know she was NOT okay. After we had a little talk and the group offered a little prayer for Anne at the backstage, Ellainne Hermie Losaria Pomida and husband Hermie went back with me to the ICU of St. Paul's Hospital. There she saw how Anne was... not even responsive, very weak. Even too weak to talk. We already had her 19th bag of platelet transfusion, with 6 bottles of human albumin transfused as well and all those meds injected into her frail body but she still had a platelet count of 12 and still with low blood pressure. We were not getting good laboratory results, still unstable.

We never failed or missed any requested laboratories, drugs, medicines prescribed for her, even got her an intensive care specialist and even with special care and attention given to her in the ICU bcoz the Pedia-ICU head nurse is my sister) yet, recovery was so slow then, I can see her in pain. It is there and then that Ellaine offered to give her the DL7+1 Probiotics. As a hopeless mom, my thoughts on that instant was either to let her take it and hope to gain something, or NOT to let her take It... and watch her in the same unstable state with the fear of losing her. It broke my heart seeing her with a couple of days' unresponsiveness and in deteriorating stage.
I let Ellainne give her the DL7+1 Probiotics. She took it around 7pm of that Friday (Sept 6). Then at 10 p.m, blood samples were taken.

Platetet count went up. I let her take another sachet of DL7+1 Probiotics before 12 midnight. Blood samples were taken again by 2 am and after every 4 hours and results of the platelet count Increased, in the morning of Saturday (Sept. 7) I had to let her take DL7+1 coz I was advised to let her take it at least 3x a day.

The platelet count rose even more, I was ecstatic! From a "near-death" situation to a recovery situation.

With 4-5 sachets of DL7+1 Probiotics she took, platetet count dramatically increased, and after 36 hours, almost a miraculous recovery. I know she is positively recovering especially when my daughter had asked the nurse in the ICU that she would want to shampoo her long hair at 2 am of that Sunday, (Sept 8).

She was all but ready that early morning to receive her visitors - her dear Iloilo Prima Galaw family The little Mermaid production staff and casts and IPG parents.
I was teary eyed when  I saw her smile again. I still can't believe the fast recovery it gave my daughter... not only with the dramatic increase of her ptatelet count but her responses as well. She was already diagnosed with high risk pneumonia and given high dosage of drugs /coz of water retention in her body, yet in less than 48 hours we saw her totaly recuperating and gaining strength. She still had a few days stay in the ICU and in the hospital before she was discharged, we finished her medication but one thing we surely did: we added DL7+1 Probiotics to her medication and had her continue it until she totally recovered.

My daughter, Anne Maryi Tristine Sollesta is now currently a Grade 10 student of INHS - School for the Arts majoring in Dance(when I had this in writing...)  Oh how my daughter loves to dance... and i know I won't be seeing her on stage again if she did not recover. It's now her second life and that is something I am very thankful of.....She survived dengue because of the prayers of our family and friends, the care of her doctors and nurses, her will to live and I believe, DLC played a big part in her survival."

- Testimony from: EMILY GUTIERREZ-SOLLESTA (lloilo)

We all have agonies in life, but a threat of loosing a child is probably one of the most terrible thing that could happen in our lives. By the grace of the Lord, Mrs. Sollesta's daughter was healed. The serious dengue case has happened years ago yet using this material, circulating online,  we believed that many lives may be saved.

Anne Sollesta, dengue survivor. Healthy and active.
This is surely an eye opener for everyone that sickness may come to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Let's fight with humility, trust to Heavenly Gods and stay positive all the time.

About DL12 Probiotics Plus (formerly DL7+1 Probiotics Plus) 

DLC Probiotics: DL12 Probiotic Plus
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Fighting Hair Loss: Teshuvah Testifies How Gugo Shampoo Bar Helped Her Saved Her Crowning Glory | Gugo Hair Wonder by DLC

Teshuvah Sarakiel (Khris Banga in real life) is from Iloilo City, and was suffering from massive hair fall. After she tried gugo shampoo bar by DLC, she was more than satisfied of the result. Discover and try gugo hair wonder too and see the difference.

Note: Gugo with Aloe Vera and Henna is specially designed for men and women suffering from pre-mature balness. This product is organic and safe. FDA approved and is export-quality.

She discovered Gugo Shampoo Bar by DLC from his younger sibling Nile, who happened to be my friend. Her sibling and I partnered in promoting this organic and effective shampoo bar product for excessive hair fall and pre-mature baldness. This is especially formulated for men and women with thin hair and unhealthy scalp. Though a little "sticky" to the hair, it is because of the concentration of gugo, aloe vera and henna, which are natural elements that stimulates hair growth.

After we showed her the official poster for marketing we created, she even gladly added and shared to us an update that say says,

"Just visited my hairstylist last monday 7. and she was surprise to see my hair. She said, "sadto nipis na di nga part, ano gamit mo kay i-refer ko ang isa namon ka client". The salon owner agreed for me to leave the product there for selling. Thank you gugo, alove vera & henna shampoo bar."
(Before this part of your hair was very thin. What are you using? I can recommend it to our other client?)
Screen shot of Miss Teshuvah's message and feed back.
It shows Miss Teshuvah's great gratitude and even generous of her feed backs about gugo hair wonder. She was so happy while telling us that her stylist was interested about what she was using that made her hair thicker and back to normal. It seems that she will be able to partner with the salon and gain from it.

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Gugo With Aloe Vera and Henna Details
Contains: Palm kernel oil, Premium Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Santalum spicatum essential oil, Aloe barbadensis Mill. essential oil, Lawsonia inermis essential oil, Entada phaseikaudes K Meer bark bits.

Description: Enhanced with Gugo bark bits, Aloe Vera extract and Henna essential oil.
This specialty shampoo bar nourishes the scalp and adds volume to fine limp hair.

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Review: Top 3 Reasons Why I Personally Love Soybean Germ Formula

Looking for a healthy supplement for women? Here's a solution for you.
"Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out." - Jenn Proske

Features: This product is made from Europe's IsoLife® soybean germ extracts containing 40% isoflavones and flaxseed extracts for a healthier, more beautiful you!
Ingredients: Lactose, soybean germ extracts (including 40 % isoflavones), Flaxseed extracts, Magnesium stearate.

"Dropping some facts on your news feeds!

Top 3 Reasons Why I Personally Love Soybean Germ Formula: The best natural supplement for women aging 13 years old and up.

1. My Shape: Women with hormonal issues are mostly having a hard time loosing weight or keeping-in-shape. Yes right. Even though I eat a lot, given the fact that I always attend & receive "food-centered event invitations", this healthy supplement for women corrects my hormones and improves my metabolism in maintaining my figure. It helps every woman become slender. even for moms.
2. Fairer Skin & a More Beautiful Self: It contains a special type of Isoflavone that makes my skin finer and smooth. I may not have a really white complexion, but I sure have an ideal "morena-skin tone" that most my friends adore, and I believe them for their opinions. 😘
3. My Confidence & Mood: This supplement discourages me to act abnormally, coz' it lessens my terrible "mood-swings". I know it is every woman's problem. Yes right, no more "beast-mode" moments. (Your partners must be very happy! Let them buy it for you.)
I have been using Soybean Germ since 2013. It is 100% organic and effective. It gave me so many visible results & health advantages that many of my friends notices. 😘 Also, another must-mention fact, this is very good for women suffering from Dysmenorhea."

In the months or years leading up to menopause (perimenopause), you might experience these signs and symptoms:
• Irregular periods
• Vaginal dryness
• Hot flashes
• Night sweats
• Sleep problems
• Mood changes
• Weight gain and slowed metabolism
• Thinning hair and dry skin
• Loss of breast fullness

It's possible, but very unusual, to menstruate every month right up to your last period. More likely, you'll experience some irregularity in your periods.
Skipping periods during perimenopause is common and expected. Often, menstrual periods will occur every two to four months during perimenopause, especially one to two years before menopause. Despite irregular periods, pregnancy is possible. If you've skipped a period but aren't sure you've started the menopausal transition, you may want to determine whether you're pregnant.
Soybean Germ Formula | Facts
When to see a doctor?
Starting at perimenopause, schedule regular visits with your doctor for preventive health care and any medical concerns. Continue getting these appointments during and after menopause.
Preventive health care can include recommended screenings at menopause, such as a colonoscopy, mammography, lipid screening, thyroid testing if suggested by your history, and breast and pelvic exams.
Always seek medical advice if you have bleeding from your vagina after menopause.

🌷 Highly recommended for women.
Introducing #SoybeanGermFormula, a product best for Menopausal Management. This product is made from Europe's IsoLife® soybean germ extracts containing 40% isoflavones and flaxseed extracts for a healthier, more beautiful you!

Ingredients: Lactose, soybean germ extracts (including 40 % isoflavones), Flaxseed extracts, Magnesium stearate.

"A 100% Natural, Safe & Effective, and Non-GMO Food Supplement that will help you get PREGNANT! Because DLC understands that most of the women around the world are trying to conceive a baby."
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Non-GMO | Pure Germ, no added extenders. | 100% Natural
. Cancer prevention
· Equilizes imbalanced hormones
· Highest source of isoflavones
· Strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis
· Promotes natural whitening/glowing of the skin
· Promotes fertility
· Enhances breast size and maintains sexy figure
· Relieves menopause discomfort
· Prevents cardiovascular diseases
· Relieves dysmenorrhea and pre menstrual symptoms

1. Osteoporosis prevention
Isoflavone can promote synthesis of bone minerals and slow down bone density reduction, hence aids in increasing bone mineral density (BMD) in the long run.
2. Cosmetic effect for softer and fairer skin
A type of Isoflavone, Genistein, can suppress Tyrosine in our bodies and effectively block UV-ray’s harmful effect on mammal cells, hence strengthening the skin’s ability to fight UV-rays. Prevents synthesis of melanin and black spots, giving you clearer, fairer skin.
3. Relieves menopause discomfort
Isoflavone is beneficial for hormone-induced osteoporosis, menopause induced hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, depression, fatigue, muscle and joint pains, rapid heartbeat.
Research shows that long-term use of Isoflavone products can reduce the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.
4. Prevents cardiovascular diseases
Isoflavone can reduce low density lipoproteins (LDL) and increase high density lipoproteins (HDL), protects the blood vessels by lessening the accumulation of cholesterol on the vessel walls.
5. Cancer prevention
Excessive secretion of estrogen can lead to breast cancer. Isoflavone is similar to estrogen in structure, so it competes for the binding site with estrogen receptors, prevents excess estrogen from binding with receptors, hence reduces the risk of breast cancer.
6. Corrects hormonal imbalance
7. Relieves dysmenorrhea and pre menstrual symptoms
Healthy women take Soybean Germ Formula. | DLC

Suitable for:
· Women ages 35 and over, but can be taken by women starting age 12 years old
· Women who likes to drink coffee and tea
· Women who wish to become more beautiful
· People who wish to become healthier
· Family history of cardiovascular diseases.

Recommended Dosage: 1-2 tablets a day, before meals

"It’s a food supplement and NOT a drug so it’s safe to use but results may vary from person to person depending on age, intake, activity, other medications taken, health condition etc."


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